Who We Are

Utah’s BEST Sanitization !

Hive9 Protection is a local, family owned, and operated business in Davis County Utah.  Hive9 Protection sanitizes residential and commercial buildings to keep you safe from germs, pathogens, bacteria, and biofilms. Our advanced solutions are sprayed electrostatically and continue to protect for up to 28 days.  Our number one goal is to provide simple solutions to the complex problems of germs, pathogens and bacteria in your homes and offices.  We are dedicated to protect your hive, whether that is your family, friends, work, school, or gym, we are here to safeguard you from the unseen dangers in the world.

About the Founder

Tiffany’s passion for providing products that promote healing, health and wellness, and safe sanitizing solutions for families, has been a driving force in her professional career for more than a decade. Her dedication to safe, efficient, and environmentally sustainable products, guides her personal, professional, and philanthropic pursuits.

As a mother of 9, she quickly learned that having a clean home means much more than just tidying up for appearance sake.  Hive9 Protection takes pride in cleaning to create a healthier environment for you and those you care about.