Children Need Families

Every Child Deserves A Hive They Can Call Home

At Hive9 Protection we are passionate about protecting your hive and those that mean the most to you.  We also stand strong as a voice for children all over the world who need us to rise up, speak for them, and protect them. Hive9 Protection’s Founder, Tiffany and her husband Dan reside in Davis County Utah with their 7 biological children while they await the arrival of their 2 adopted sons from Haiti.  They anxiously await news on their second adoption of possibly 3 additional children from Haiti as well. Tiffany sits on the advisory board for Children Need Families, a project of Operation Underground Railroad and is fiercely passionate about this cause because EVERY child deserves a family.

About CNF

Children Need Families is a preventative project of Operation Underground Railroad passionately dedicated to meeting the most intrinsic need of a child, to have a permanent family and home. CNF works in partnership with adoption agencies, orphanages and adoptive families worldwide, offering a grant subsidy to assist with one of the most prohibitive steps of the adoption process, the cost.
Adoption is considered to be a potential preventative measure against child trafficking. As a project of Operation Underground Railroad, we work to prevent child exploitation through the means of healthy adoptions. Children’s physical and emotional needs are most likely to be met in a strong family environment. We want to create a world where orphanages are empty and homes are filled.

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