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Tiffany Hansen came to the Good Things Utah Studio to show off how their advanced sanitizing solution works. Electrostatic sprayers apply a positive charge to the liquid being applied and to the ground or negatively charge the surface being coated. Using the basic principle that opposite charges attract, the liquid would then be attracted to the surface, allowing for a full, even coat of liquid on the surface.

The airborne cleaner seeks out uncoated surfaces to adhere to rather than already coated material, as the attraction is stronger to the uncoated surfaces. This comes in handy as electrostatic spraying can reach areas that could not otherwise be reached when using a conventional spray and wipe methods and gives you a full 360-degree wrap so you can rest assured that there is nowhere for bacteria, viruses, and germs to hide.

How it works

This is a quick video showing the difference between conventional sanitizing sprayers versus electrostatic sprayers. Electrostatic sprayers are becoming the lead in infection prevention due to their touch less technology and their ability to give a full 360 degree wrap with the product being sprayed ensuring you get full and complete coverage.  Germs, bacteria, and pathogens have no where to hide when you combine the power and technology of electrostatic sprayers and our product. Our product effectively adheres to all surfaces creating an antimicrobial layer to give you long lasting protection.

At The Gym

Hive9 Protection offers long lasting protection to keep your gym’s free from bacteria, germs, and pathogens. We are proud to be partnered with GlanHealth and use their products exclusively to give you results that are backed by science yet are non toxic and free of harsh chemicals. Our scientifically proven formulas offer long lasting protection and continue killing long after application so you can rest assured that no matter who enters your facility you, your employees, and members are protected. Our products are alcohol free, bleach free, and chlorine free.

We offer innovative touch less application through the use of electrostatic sprayers to ensure maximum protection. By utilizing electrostatic sprayers you can rest assured germs, bacteria, and pathogens have no where to hide.

Local Fire Station

Hive9 Protection wanted to say thank you to our local fire station for all they do to protect and serve our community! We can’t thank our fire fighters, police officers, doctors, and nurses enough for all they are doing during our current pandemic to keep us as a community safe. So we thought we would give them an added layer of protection in their station, ambulances, and fire trucks.

We went in and sanitized the entire fire station and their living quarters with our All Purpose Surface Complete. Sanitizing in the fire trucks and ambulances was fast and easy thanks to the touchless technology of our electrostatic sprayers!

Salon Sanitization

Huge shout out to Mancave Barbershop in Layton Utah! Not only are they amazingly talented barbers but they are doing everything right and taking all precautions to keep their employees and customers safe at this time!

Sanitizing at barbershops and salons with our electrostatic sprayers is fast, easy, and extremely effective.

Hive9 Protection will always go above and beyond to make sure you, your employees, and your customers feel safe from germs, bacteria, and pathogens while in your business.

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